Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting ready for break and St Patricks Day

Wednesday was a fun day for the Brothers on B Shift at the 2 House, a bit of training on the new RIC bags that are on the Rescue Engine and Engine 3.  The new RIC bags are more streamline, and user friendly that the previous bags.  After lunch, the Rescue Engine rode out to the training center and had a forcible entry review and hands on using the door prop that was provided by the Brothers from Roanoke City.  The crew from Station 3 South Side House of Haz Mat, also came out to the training center and joined in on the door forcing and review.
  A few EMS assist and a possible flue fire with the Station 1 crew wrapped the day up for the most part, and don't for get everybody's favorite...the o dark thirty fire alarm! 

With St Patrick's Day closing in, with parades, and festivities, I'm gonna post some St Patrick's Day recipes on here.  If you have a favorite recipe send it in and we will get it posted.

Be safe, be good.

"Train like you life depends on it!  Because it does!"

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