Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Junkday

Station 2 celebrated it's first official "Sunday Junkday".  We are hoping it
catches on as a national holiday.  We started the celebration with Bobby's
-right on- sausage gravy this morning (wonderful both times we ate it) then
had some spicy and sweet jalapenos with pepper jack cheese on Ritz. After
adding a little coffee to the mixture we had the makings of a true Grade A gut
bomb.  Lunch became leftover Chinese, chips, salsa and cheese dip and more
coffee.  The kielbasa was delicious and it complimented the jalapeno cornbread
surprisingly well (wonderful both times we ate it).  Peppers, onions, green beans
and potatoes also filled the plate.  After a little more coffee, a few more
calls and a lot more laughs, the chocolate chip cookies got put off until next

Hopefully my body can recover and get prepared for "Bacon Blast Wednesday".  It
is going to be wonderful.

-C shift

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