Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hellava Shift...

Hellavah shift.  
The day started early with a pre-breakfast vehicle trauma for Station 1, while Station 2 went over our new RIT bag .  We headed up to station 1 for our group pictures, but they were postponed due to another station 1 call (this turned out to be the last time we would see our station again until dinner).  
On the way back from errands at Admin, Engine 2 finds itself in the awkward position of changing out of our badge shirts and into our gear for a confirmed Yokohama fire.  5 hours of nasty tar like soot and duct cleaning later, the fire was finally out and we could begin cleaning gear, packing hose and reassembling our trucks. 

 Thanks to those who came in from overtime to help. The extra manpower was very welcomed.  

As the sun was going down and Engine 2 was finally repacking it's last of the 1000 ft it had earlier deployed, another fire alarm goes out for the Rescue Engine.  We arrived to find a fence line and yard burning while being fiercely attacked by a neighbor and his garden hose.  After 500 gallons and another emptied hosebed the fire was out.  The engine was soon squared away with a fresh tank of water, a fresh tank of fuel, newly loaded hosebeds and a not so fresh crew who earned themselves some reserve gear.  After dinner the only thing that stood in our way from a relaxing shower was a EMS call.  11 hours after the Yokohama Fire alarm sounded we can finally sit down and consider this day done.  I wonder what the night will hold.  - Barger

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