Sunday, March 20, 2011

B Shift /C Shift Weekend

Friday, the day that most people call the start of their weekend, the last day of the work week, a day that songs were written about by pop and disco groups of the 70's and 80's...You get the picture.
Friday for the Rescue Engine crew was a day of chores around the house, and a bit of extrication work in Station 1's area.  After returning from a successful ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support) re-certification I got the "Hey Lt, we did this, and this and worked on this, and you better sit down for this..."  Oh boy..  Everything worked out and Joey Avila had made dinner plans for crew.
 When one of the 802 crew was asked about dinner earlier in the day, they told Joey "as long as it is good, and a lot of it.".  Joey took their advise and came back with some HUGE steaks,  potatoes for baking, and green beans.   Awesome meal, some fun kitchen/dinner antics and conversation.
The evening brought rain and a car vs motorcycle.  Fortunately the motorcyclist ended up with minor injuries.

 Saturday I did a trade of duty with one of the guys so he could take care of some family stuff, and got to spend time at 2 House, C Shift style.  Bobby Haynes had some good training that he wanted to do, so we spent the morning running lines, re- racking hose, running lines again and again until it was like clockwork.  Good stuff.

 For the afternoon we joined the crew from Station 1, the friends, family and fans of the Roanoke Rampage Football Team.  Roanoke Rampage Fire and Police Football Team is made up of professional fire, rescue, police and public safety workers throughout the Roanoke and New River Valley. The team is a charitable football team formed to raise money for local charities while playing competitive football in the National Public Safety Football League.  Unfortunately the team took a loss to Chicago, and  had a few players get injured.
I encourage everybody that is local, and reads this blog to get out and support the Roanoke Rampage, these guys are out there playing for charity, so let's do out part and support them. Here is a link to their web site page, and face book.  Roanoke Rampage Football   Roanoke Rampage Football - Facebook Page
The rest of the shift brought us a few more medical assist, and such.  We did find out that the "man cold" does exist, it's not just a commercial for cold medicine, and it can happen at 0330hrs.
Had a good time working with 2 House C Shift crew.

Sunday, has been a day of rest so far with good meals, good people, and my first attempt at making scones
(a UK thing,  best general description is, a crumbly  biscuit made with butter instead of shortening and sweeter).  I'm pretty sure they went over well after the response from Roanoke City Captain Phil Dillon who is one of the part time personnel that is assigned to M802; "a scone?  well what is it...oh damn!  pass that jelly...can you make more of these, like now? "  Ben Flinchum once again made an awesome dinner of chicken cutlets, and steamed vegetables that was inevitably interrupted by a fire alarm.  Just part of the job.
Let's see what the night holds for the East Side...

In the fire service, there are three types of individuals: Those who go out and make it happen, those who stand aside and watch it happen, and those who say, "What the hell just happened!"
— Battalion Commander Bob Green, South San Francisco Fire Department   

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