Thursday, March 17, 2011

Promotional Ceremony and Parade Weekend

 A good weekend for the SFD
A ceremony  was held Friday night honoring the accomplishments of the men and women of the SFD.I have wanted to see a promotional ceremony for quite some time. A big thank you to everyone who put it on. So that nobody is forgotten, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all who were honored! I do believe my personnel favorite had to be Badge 1 going to Senior Firefighter Lawrence "BOO BOO" Keffer. I am glad to see the tradition of Badge 1 continue. 
It was good to see so many people and families that we never get to see anymore in our daily tour trades. It is really hard to believe how much this department has changed and grown. Can you believe it, when I started here 11 years ago, their were 10 firefighters on a shift. 

  Wish we had more pictures, but that's all we had available to to us.
That's it! Anyway, thanks again for the atta boy. Hope you C shifters enjoyed Friday night!

Saturday was no exception when it came to good times. The weather was beautiful and warm and the beverages were cold. SFD represented well downtown in the Noke for St. Patty's day festivities thanks to Erin Barger and his awesome t -shirt designs once again. (I got several comments Erin). Seeing the sea of blue from the Roanoke City PD marching behind retired Officer Brian Lawerence as the grand marshal was amazing! It is a true testament to the power of the Almighty, and his determination that the man is alive,walking and riding a motorcycle today! The old yankee medic Chris Damon took some pics downtown, we hope to get them loaded up. I enjoyed Saturday, I hope all that were there did as well.
Sorry Ison, you really didn't miss that much:{  
Remember as Chief Doug Kline said" Don't be status quo!"
See ya next time - Smitty

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