Friday, February 25, 2011


It was a busy day for the Engines and Medics of Salem today.  The city was dumped on several separate occasions.  Fortunately we  managed to get a little training in with Capt Johnson between the calls. 
After Bobby's sausage, bacon, egg, apple buttered biscuit breakfast a chili cook off was the perfect compliment.  The expert opinions and fine culinary tastes of the Station II crew were taken full advantage of at the annual Ridgewood Gardens chili cook off extravaganza.  All of the contestants were well seasoned (licorice?)and enjoyable but our 1st place pick went to the #6 white chicken chili with the #10 sweet and spicy chili at a close 2nd.  An overall good day for the guys on the East Side.  -  Barger

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