Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday, Back in Black, and report form C Shift

 The B Shift crew were the lucky ones to be here for the festivities and feasting that is known as a Super Bowl Sunday at the 2 House.  Smack talkin', speculation, and Joey Avila's sausage gravy,  all were served up thick, spicy,  and hot.  After breakfast, the day started with an EMS run, and a small kitchen fire with the Brothers from Station 1. 

 Super Bowl grub fest prep started out with the Big Mike Buffalo Chicken Dip, and famous guacamole.  Joey brought in what we thought were brats but turned out to be Mexican chorizo and Italian sausages with sauteed onions and green peppers.  With all of that in somebody's stomach, you know a gastrointestinal gang war was bound to happen. 
While everybody was waiting for game time, 2 House had a couple of guest stop in and say hi. Tony Kelleher, and Nick Martin from Traditions Training stopped in for a bit for see the firehouse, and shoot the breeze for a bit while on their way to Johnson City TN to teach a class on Engine Company and Truck Company Operations.
Of course there had to be a few more runs,  and one during the game to make things complete.

The rumors are true, the department is going back to black gear.  At this time there are several people in the department that are testing turnout gear from two of the major manufacturers.  CJ Schaffer and I got a set from one of the companies, and both of us agree that it's the $%&#!

C-shift has had a good cycle even though the rising trend of late night calls has sprung upon us.  We didn't get to enjoy the Superbowl festivities on shift so we held a pre-superbowl party on Saturday.    We kicked it off with Haynes' world famous cheesy sausage gut bomb dip of deliciousness.  Then we threw down some wings that were wild, potatoes skins that were loaded and some jalapeños that were poppin.
It was so good on Saturday that we had wild wings again on Monday. 
Saturday, Sunday and Monday, a three-peat of deliciousness.
One of the highlights of the cycle was a visit from the Barger crew.  The boys brought some friends so we put them to work.  It is never to young to teach a little work ethic and they actually did a pretty decent job.  All had fun and left with a dollar from Uncle Charles.  
Phase II of the construction project is moving quickly.  Thanks to all the guys who have been working so hard.  The rooms look great.
Stay safe - C-shift  

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