Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday and progress on the project

B Shift returned to work after 3 day break, and settled in for a day of work.  The Rescue Engine got checked over, the Medic crew checked the piggy bank, and the phone rang...Regional Haz Mat training at the training center, which is always a guarantee for some good entertainment.
The topic was "Detection and Monitoring", presented by Brian Thurman from VDEM (he used to work for Salem).  A lot of good info in that class, and some laughs from Roanoke City Captain Chris Trussler.  The Rescue Engine ended up getting a medical assist with the piggy bank at a local nursing facility, then it was back to class for a bit.

When we returned to the firehouse, we were greeted by Lt Tracy Coe, and joined our shift OIC Captain Tim Graham,   Work on the station improvement project started up again.  The rooms were framed up and it was time to hang drywall.

Joey Avila and Tracy Coe

Captain Tim Graham giving words of wisdom

After a few hours of working and some good laughs the rooms and drywall, seams were taped, and ready for work on Monday.

As for the rest of the shift, not too bad, a few EMS runs, and an awesome dinner of Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli prepared by Joslyn Merideth(she got detailed to us from Station 1), and dessert of 5 Flavor Pound Cake provided by Medic Jerry Salyers.

 Until next time, train hard, think smart, and stay safe.

"Train like your life depends on it.  Because it does!"

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