Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 day for B Shift, and welcome back for C Shift

Over the course of the weekend and 5 day break for C Shift, more work was completed on  the station improvement project.  Drop ceiling was finished in the weight room by the Brothers on A Shift, an awesome job of cleaning up all the drywall dust upstairs by B Shift while in and out of the station on runs.  Yeah, I got cussed for taking off for the first part of the day on that one (Thanks Joey). 

Sunday,  the weight equipment was positioned and for the time being, the weight room is finished.  There are plans in place for the floor in the weight room.

 Monday, a few shelves were built, but the big news is, downstairs construction is about to begin.  The current day room used to be the old bunk room in a former life.  Furniture was rearranged, and the beds were moved out of the current bunk room back to the old former.

The rooms have been marked off, the lumber and drywall moved, now onto the next phase of the station improvement project.

The Rescue Engine and "piggy bank"  ran a few during the course of the day, but one of the highlights was Ben Flinchum's Steak Marsala and red skinned garlic mashed potatoes.  Ben did and outstanding job with dinner and topped it all of with a dessert of dark chocolate brownies. 

Remember, every door that a hose line goes through on a fire, needs to be chocked.  Place your chock so that it doesn't get dislodged easily.  When chocking a door, a good place is on top of the bottom hinge of the door, that way it's not likely to get kicked out, or knocked out by the hose line moving.

Stay safe!  Remember, "Train like your life depends on it.  Because it does!"

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