Monday, January 3, 2011

This Old Firehouse - The East Side version

The Brothers on A shift have been busy with the 2 House improvement project, and have sent some progress reports for the past couple shifts.


Saturday January 1st
Well Happy New Year from everyone here at this old "firehouse". Todays episode more framing and board hanging in the Lt. new office/bunkroom and workout room. It's gonna be nice. A sweet pad for the Lieutenant. Work has gone slow today though, a total of 9 calls for the Rescue Engine. Quitting early, Bama football on. ROLL TIDE!
Monday January 3rd
Let me tell ya. Trying to do fire rated construction around existing roof trusses is a pain in the a**! But it will be done and done right with Coe Construction outfitters. Slow progress made today, only one run for the Rescue Engine and several for the "piggy bank". We'll see what the night brings. Lets go eat some chicken, potatoes and asparagus. 3 day break coming up. A Shift is out.

A big thanks to Smitty for the updates, more to come in the near future as progress is made.  

Stay tuned for more episodes of This Old Firehouse on the East Side

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