Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Return of B Shift

After a nice 5 day break, B Shift returns to the grind.  A few house chores, and a ride to Station 1 to start the day then it was time to help Lt Coe on the station improvement project.

The bed out of the old Lt's room was moved upstairs to it's new home (insert the theme to the Jefferson's here, if you are old enough to remember the show).  Other than a few item needed for the Lt's office/bedroom, that part of the project is complete.

A few days of priming, painting, and drop ceiling work will finish up the upstairs part of the project hopefully by the end of the week.

* Attention Attention

A belated congratulations goes out to Matt Rickman and his wife on the birth of their daughter Emma 6 lbs 15 oz.  19 inches long.  Mother, baby, and daddy are all doing well.

A phone was received this morning at shift change to advise the blog writers that very important information was left out of Erin Barger's post about the fire on C Shift.  It seems that Johnathan Huffman's name was left out and he felt that he was not recognized for his effort on the attic fire.

Today Johnathan Huffman we the crews of 2 House recognize you.

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