Thursday, January 20, 2011

B shifts last day

Wednesday...Last day before 5 day break for B Shift.  Good progress was made on the station improvement project, with the help of Lt Tracy Coe and Sr FF Jeremy Hartman.  I have learned that drywall sanding is no fun, drywall dust tastes bad, it covers everything, and turns into a form of paste on ones freshly shaven head after a bit.  I looked like a big freakin' powdered gingerbread man!

The rugby players/fans that read the blog will understand the video.

The shift was not bad at all, the piggy bank was in and out during the day, the Rescue Engine had a gas leak run with Station 1 and a few EMS assist scattered here and there, vacation sign up and the usual house chores.
The piggy bank crew got up in the wee hours of the night for a run of interesting nature, and brought back the quote of  "ma'am...Me taking a look at that, is not going to help me or you.  Would you like to go to the hospital?"
Life on the East Side, expect anything...

Stay safe!  "Train like your life depends on it...because it does!"

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