Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 1 of a new cycle plus a half

5 day break was good, and we started a new year.  So, back to the East Side for B Shift, the morning started off before shift change on a EMS run, then back for some station duties and some work on the set of this old firehouse.  Got in some more halligan time removing that 1970's paneling, and a door with frame.  Only on the first day back can you wedge a piece of paneling against the wall, behind a piece of electrical conduit 10 feet off the ground.

After a bit of work on the this old firehouse set, off to EMS training.  Once again we are certified in the CPRrraa.  A few more runs for the Rescue Engine and "piggy bank", and we make it to the end of the shift.

Thursday and the B Shift 2 House crew is scattered, Ben and Joey to Station 1 to ride the "piggy bank", and the Lt to Station 3 "South-side House of Leisure and Haz Mat".  After mentioning "piggy bank" several times in this post and in the last, I feel I should point out that "piggy bank" is a term of endearment for the Medic unit.
Not too bad of a day, a couple runs, some training and a visit to Station 1, where Schaffer's Barbershop was open.  CJ has mad barber skills and makes a mean 2lb cheeseburger for the 2lb burger challenge.(never again...never again...)

 So back to the "South-side House of Leisure and Haz Mat" for a dinner of Cuban roast pork, with black beans and rice.  OH YEAH!!!

Here a little something motivational from The Fire Service Warrior.  Check out the required reading list he has on his blog too.
Quit Telling Me to Change My Culture

"Train like your life depends on it...Because it does!"   Stay safe!

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