Friday, January 7, 2011

A Shift Friday

Construction went slow today here on the East Side. Finishing off our fire rated wall and running calls. I would like to thank the folks at US Foods for setting up our pre plan tour today. Good information for hazmat members when dealing with ammonia. Remember you gotta hit that FDC to supply those yard hydrants. Don't rob the sprinkler system!

Engines 2, 3, Tower-1, M801 along With FC-1 and FM-1 were dispatched to a fire in the laundry room at the Salem Jail.
E-2 arrived to find nothing evident from the exterior then to find smoke at the entrance off of Clay St. An 1 3/4 " was put into service upon further investigation found the fire was contained to the dryer. It was a can handle for E-2 , T-1. 

Worked hard all day on the station, and now thanks to Clay Fitzgerald for feeding us. Spaghetti ! You the man Clay. See ya Sunday.

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