Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adventures with A Shift

Here we are, another hell week put to bed, but not without a lot of progress on construction. We had a lot of time to work today, only 1 EMS run for the Rescue Engine(so far anyway)  Nice job on your fire C shift and even better job with t-shirts.

The old office is no more ! Only tile as a reminder of what once existed. I would like to give Lieutenant J.C. Clifton props for his office and TV room that stood for 20 years. Thanks J.C. !

The computers and office are up and running. The drop ceiling in the exercise room will go up Friday with help from some of our brothers from # 1 and 3. Looks like a week of painting and sanding for B-shift. Until Friday. Stay safe,  don't become a statistic!


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