Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rescue Challenge 2011 - Day 2 May 03, 2011

The second day of Rescue Challenge, the Division 6 team started off with a trench rescue scenario.
The team was advised that workers had been setting pipe in a 14' area of a trench and there was a collapse of and area of the wall.  One of the workers dove into a pipe for safety and was partially trapped from the waist down, another worker had collapsed in the bottom of the 14' section and another worker was missing.   The missing victim was located underneath one of the sections of pipe, and also had to be removed.

The next scenario was held at the Dominion Power Training Facility.  The team was presented with a parachutist that crashed into a power line tower, and a bystander that had attempted a rescue had was also trapped on the tower.  Both victims had to be lowered to the ground with an attendant.

Another day completed and a job well done by the Brothers of Division 6 Technical Rescue Team.

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