Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - God Bless America and our Hero's

 Memorial Day, the day that we, as Americans, honor and remember our country's fallen hero's.

Beyond the backyard cookouts, a long weekend, the camping trips, vacations to the beach, lake or where ever  on this day we cannot forget  the men and women of our country's military that have made the supreme sacrifice.  We cannot forget the families of theses hero's and the pain and suffering that they have experienced.
Let us not forget our veterans that have given service to this county's military, the men and women that made that commitment to the defense of America.  Some returning physically scarred, some carrying the burden of mental scars inflicted from the stresses of combat.  Take the time to thank these veterans for there service, not just today, but any day.
Everyday in America, young men and women are enlisting in America's military, raising their right hand and making that commitment to service.  Take a moment of your time to thank them.

    Have a fun and safe Memorial Day
-  Big Mike
 God Bless America

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