Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday! Haz Mat and a Body Count(not the band)

Friday was the third day of regional Haz Mat training for the Brothers of Salem and Roanoke City, and what a day it was.
Captain Wines of Iron Firemen had posted from earlier in the week about the fun and festivities at the Regional Haz Mat Glow Worm Hootenanny - Day 1.
While Captain Wines, The Buckaroo, and  family were doing some work around the farm, the Brothers of Salem B-Shift and Roanoke City A-Shift got together to hone their Glow Worm skills, have a few laughs and test the limits of equipment and personal comfort.

I dare say that  the person that put the "One Size Fits All" label on the Tyvek coveralls that are used never met Charlie Adkins.  A wee lad, just 6'10", you should see him in a leprechaun costume.

When the structural integrity of the suit failed, the sound was described as a shotgun going off.  No medics, farm animal or small children were harmed during the event.

While the Brothers were getting their Haz Mat on, Captain Wines, The Buckaroo, and  family were working in one of the barns, and had a run it with a few of the occupants.  A bystander said all they heard was a yell, some gun shots, and then it was over.  After the incident was over, a body count of three.

A good day of Haz Mat training, fellowship, and a lot of good laughs.  It's always a good thing when the different localities in the Roanoke Valley can get together and train.

Be sure to check out Iron Firemem  for more pictures of ill fitting Haz Mat garments and such.
Stay safe, train hard. train often!

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