Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rescue Challenge 2011 - Day 1 May 02, 2011

Several members of the 2 House Crew that are part of the Division 6 Technical Rescue Team are participating in Rescue Challenge 2011 in Richmond VA.  The team is given two scenarios each day with a limited amount of time to complete each scenario. 
 Day 1 the given scenarios were at a local agricultural feed distributor, where rescues of workers trapped had to be made.
  The first scenario was a worker that had a medical emergency while working in one of the empty silos, the worker had entered from the top of one of the silos 150' above ground using a tripod and winch system and was trapped 70' below where he entered. The team members that were assigned to the entry team had to access the top of the silo via a man lift( a 12 inch square platform attached to a conveyor belt) or climb the ladder on the outside of the silo; both means of access we made.  Other teams were assigned to rig rope systems to lower the victim back to the ground.

After completing the first scenario, the team had break for lunch and a chance to prepare for the next scenario.  This time the team was faced with a worker that had entered a barley storage bin and became engulfed in the barley inside.  The team members that were assigned to the entry team had to enter the storage bin from the top, and had to use a SABA system due to the low amount of oxygen in the storage bin.  The entry team had to place plywood pads to walk on the barley to be able to access the victim before they could start to dig them out.  After freeing the patient, the team had to remove to patient back to the top of the storage bin, and another team had to be in place on top of the bin to lower the victim to the teams on the ground.

After a good day of training, the team returned to the hotel for a bit of networking and gathering intel from the other teams on the scenarios that they had for the day.
 A good day of training hard and learning for everybody, and an eye opening experience for the team members that are at their first Rescue Challenge.

 More Rescue Challenge reports tomorrow.  Stay safe, train hard!

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