Thursday, December 30, 2010

B shift - Last day before break.

The last day before the awaited break for B Shift was not to bad of a day.  The Rescue Engine crew along with the 802 crew started in on some remodeling task for the station improvement project.  I'm pretty sure some hands on halligan time was had during all of that.

Company training had been postponed for the day, so Ben Flinchum put together a nice knot and haul back
system review for the afternoon.  A good review for some, and some new info for Joslyn Merideth who was detailed out to us for a few shifts.

Ben and David Guynn work diligently under the watchful eye of Phil" you boys know what you're doin;?" Dillon

A 3:1 Z Rig



4:1 with progress capture LRH

Ben and Joslyn working on dinner prep for fish taco's

Dinner was a hit and the comedy at the table was in rare form.  An EMS run after dinner and that was it for the rest of the shift.

 Until next time, stay safe.

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