Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pride and Ownership Seminar in Lynchburg VA

Boy have I been a slacker about putting up post about all of the things that have been happening on the East Side.  Sometimes it just takes running into the right person that says the right thing to get a person motivated again.  I found out that there are people out there that  actually read the blog post, so I am going to make a better effort this year to document the day to day of the firehouse.

 Friday the thirteenth, members of the 2 House,  joined by Deputy Chief John Prillaman,, traveled to Lynchburg to check out Chief Rick Lasky's Pride and Ownership seminar.  From start to finish, this was a good day.  You could see the people that "get it", you could see the people that just needed to recharge their passion about the job.  By the end of day you could see the ones that had an awakening.  It is hard to describe the energy that filled the room at the end of the day, but I'm positive there are going to be a lot of people that will take that energy back to their departments and make some good things happen.
The diversity, and experience in the room ranged from fire cadets from Hanover County, to the Battalion Chief that has 3 months left on the job, and everybody in between.   If you have to pick one word that sums up the whole day, that word would be "Refreshing".  If ever get the chance to see Chief Lasky speak do not miss this opportunity.

The turnout for the seminar was great, and a good day of networking, brotherhood, and seeing old friends and acquaintances.  Be safe and train hard.

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