Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just a note

I received a couple of messages from some people that read the blog, and they asked why nothing was posted about the 10 year anniversary of Sept 11th.
 I would feel safe in saying that most people that this read blog, do not have to be told "Never Forget", "Remember 343", and all of that stuff, it is a part of us.  After all of the fanfare, pomp and circumstance we are all still chauffeurs, engineers, DPO's, firefighters, firemen, probies, rookies, officers, and bosses.  The best way that we can honor those that lost their lives on that tragic day:

                                 Do Your Job!

  Honor them and those that have gone on before us.  Honor your department, and yourself by learning your job, knowing your job, and taking pride in the work that we do.

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