Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Regional Technical Rescue Drill - Day 2

On day 2 of the technical rescue drill, the brothers from B Shift joined up with their counterparts from Roanoke City and Roanoke County A shift personnel for the second day of the Division 6 Technical Rescue Team Quarterly Drill.  The drill for this quarter is focused on trench rescue, with a twist.  The second day the scenario changed a bit.  The team was given information that a worker was standing at the corner of a T shaped trench, when the corner broke loose, dropping the worker into the trench pinning them between a concrete pipe and the wall of the trench.

The scenario went well, and as usual everybody worked very well together.  After a debriefing and some lunch, the team was presented with an afternoon scenario, which was very similar to the Day 1 scenario.  The placement of the mannequin  was somewhat different along with a different placement of the pipe in the trench.

 The team took a different approach on how to free the victim from underneath the bucket of the backhoe, by setting up for a lift of the arm of the the backhoe using airbags at the top of the trench.

Just as the team was making final preparations for the lift,  the earthquake put a damper on the rest of training.  The brothers from Roanoke City had to pack up and head back into the city to assist with the increased number of calls.  Well, maybe next time.  Another good day of training

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